Jackson/Jackson Hole, WY

Town of Jackson Running Options

Jackson is a great little western town and is the hub for visitors to the area’s extensive recreational activities. There are many stores, restaurants, hotels, and outdoor gear shops. Given that the main roads outside of town can be quite busy, there are some pleasant running opportunities right in the town of Jackson. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create your own route on Jackson’s streets. A fun way to explore this historic town, it’s easy to put together a few miles on some of the main streets and side streets of Jackson. The quieter streets are bound by Gill to the north, Snow King Ave. to the south, Milward to the west and Redmond to the east. TOWN OF JACKSON MAP
  • Elk Refuge Rd. It’s possible to run for several wonderful miles along Elk Refuge Rd., which leaves the town of Jackson just off Rancher Rd. to the east. Run along this quiet road, with views of elk and the mountains.
  • Multi-use Paths from Jackson. See our other post for a list of all the major multi-use paths and trails easily accessible from Jackson. You can run south to Game Creek, west to Wilson, or north toward Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park — all off road!

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Glenn ragsdale
1 year ago

The information does not have enough information to actually get to the routes. I’m staying in the town area but when I expand the map the street names don’t appear. I can’t figure out how to get to routes. This is definitely not enough detail to find the trails. The descriptions sound wonderful but no direction to actually get there for us tourists.