Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail

The Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail is 14.5 miles long and runs from Jacksonville’s westside, west to the small town of Baldwin. The easternmost section of the trail starts 15 miles west of Jacksonville. The trail is great for running as the surface is entirely asphalt and there are only three roads that cross the trail, so you don’t have to worry about traffic. From the east end of the trail heading west, the scenery transitions from residential to farms to forest. The eastern end of the trail is not shaded, so, on sunny days, the west end is preferable. There are mile markers along the way.

There are three free areas for parking: on Imeson Road, near the intersection with Commonwealth Avenue; off U.S. 301 just North of the intersection with U.S. 90; and on Brandy Branch Road, just north or the intersection with U.S. 90.

  • 14.5 miles one-way
  • Imeson Rd