Emancipation Park (Kingston)

A popular spot for local races, this asphalt track is surrounded by lovely lawns, trees, and gardens. Since its opening in 2002, the park has become one of the cornerstones of Kingston, tucked between the Kencot and Trafalgar neighborhoods at the corner of Oxford Road and Knutsford Boulevard. In addition to the beautiful bronze “Redemption Song” sculpture at the entrance of the park, visitors will find a fountain and a plaza/music venue at the center. A 500 meter paved jogging track runs through the park, but the sidewalks forming the perimeter of the park can be used as well. On the path, distance markers will help you track your pace along the way — just be sure to jog in the correct direction (counter clockwise).

  • 500 meters (track)
  • Flat
  • Emancipation Park Entrance
  • Park Boulevard