Great Bay & Big Groun’ (Treasure Beach)

Courtesy Jake's Hotel

The Jake’s Off-Road Triathlon is one of the premiere races in Jamaica, and a wonderful opportunity to explore Jamaica’s rugged yet lovely south coast. Can’t make it for race day? With the help of Jake’s Hotel and race director Jim Curl, we’ve mapped out some of the top sections for running in Treasure Beach. For those who stay at Jakes, hotel guides will be happy to show you the “back a bush”!

Great Bay Run: This traverse to Great Bay heads south from Jake’s on Calabash Road to Kingfisher. Turn RIGHT towards Sally’s House, LEFT onto Taino Cove Road, then LEFT onto the Cobweb Trail — a pretty groomed dirt double track. At the end of the trail, turn RIGHT at Sea Crab and jaunt out Great Bay Road until it starts to turn inland at Great Bay Beach and Bouldering Area. Here, you can either return the way you came (about 7.2 km round trip) or follow the beach and coastal trail back to Calabash Bay (7.5 km round trip).

Great Bay Route Map

Big Groun’ Run: The Big Groun’ run roughly follows the cycling component of the triathlon, heading out to the base of Big Groun’ hill and back. Starting from Jake’s, head north through Treasure Beach to Smurf’s Cafe. Bear RIGHT at the Y then turn slightly LEFT onto Lewis Town Road. The dirt road forks left and the the paved road bears right towards the Conference Center. For a loop, continue out the dirt road (up Big Groun’) to Newcombe Valley Road, then turn RIGHT. At the next T, turn RIGHT uphill and follow Lewis Town Road back into town. The route is nearly 11 km round trip.

Big Groun' Route Map
  • Great Bay: 7.5 km (4.8 miles) out and back; Big Groun’: 11 km (6.8 miles) loop
  • Great Bay: 13m; Big Groun’: 135m
  • Jake’s Hotel
  • Calabash Road