Jerusalem, Israel

Promenade (Tayelet)

This is a beautiful path/promenade (called the Tayelet, in hebrew) with terrific views of the Old City. The surface is cobblestone, at the outset so runners should be aware. It is an off road path that goes for nearly 1.5 miles. On the western side, it starts just off Hebron Rd. at Bulgaria Square/St. Clair Monastery, and is called the Gabriel Sherover Promenade. The promenade heads southeast and turns into the Goldman Promenade, which is paved, at Trotner Park. The promenade ends at Ala”R St., near the U.N. headquarters.

  • 1.5 miles one-way
  • 141 feet
  • Northern end at Naomi St. off Hebron Rd., 0.5 miles from First Station. southern end at Ala"r St., near U.N. HQ