Kansas City, MO

Leavenworth: Three Park Loop

This 4.8 mile, scenic route will loop you around three parks: Havens Memorial Park, David Brewer Park, and Wollman Park. This area is in the Leavenworth suburb of Kansas City, in the state of Kansas, some 30 miles from downtown and 16 miles west of the airport.

Havens Memorial Park: Famous for the Haunted Havens Hayride in the fall, and the Havens 5K Wooded Trail Run, Havens Memorial Park features a driving area, and running/bicycle trails. Sections of the park trails are paved, and the city is currently working to pave them all.

David Brewer Park: The Leavenworth School Board owns David Brewer Park and leases it to the City long-term. The park provides several dual-use field facilities and tennis courts. The park contains several legacy trees donated by individuals in memory of special people and events.

Wollman Park: With approximately eleven acres of land and two state champion trees, Wollman Park is a beautiful place to run. Famous for its new aquatic center, the park features several large picnic shelters, public restrooms, and play equipment.

  • 4.8 Miles loop
  • Haven Memorial Park
  • 191 feet