Kansas City, MO

Plaza: Brush Creek Trail

The Brush Creek Trail is the signature route in the Plaza area. A paved linear park trail follows  Brush Creek for up to 5 miles east from the Plaza to Blue Banks Park. Our route is along the north side of the creek, but there’s a path on the south side in some sections, and several bridge crossings. Starting from the Plaza shopping area, some distances (in miles):

1 mile: Kaufman Legacy Park
1.8 miles: Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
3.8 miles: Cleveland Ave.
4.4 miles: Elmwood Ave.
5 miles: Blue Banks Park

Add-Ons: Numerous additional paths in the parks. Can also take the Trolley Track Trail south of Brush Creek following Brookside Blvd., our Mill Creek route, or explore the lovely residential areas nearby.

  • Choose any distance, up to 10 miles out and back.
  • 336 feet
  • Ward Parkway & Roanoke Parkway