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For our favorite run in Kaohsiung City, take the quick ferry over to Cijin Island. Here you’ll enjoy a 9+ km seamless waterfront run along a paved path with great views, also experiencing an old fort, lighthouse, and some of the island’s historic streets. The ferry runs from the Gushan Ferry District every 10 minutes and takes 7 minutes.

Start at the ferry terminal and enjoy a loop around the park on the northwestern shore, which includes Mount Cihou, an old fort, lighthouse, and the unique Cijin Tunnel. It’s worth the extra 0.5 km climb up (road or path) to experience great views. The rest of the route follows the water, on a paved path paralleling Qijin 3rd Road. There are great views of the South China Sea on one side, and back to the skyscrapers of Kaohsiung City on the other. There are some trees in some sections, but most of the route is quite exposed, so be aware of sun and heat. It’s 3 km to the Qijin Shell Museum, and 5 km to the Windmill Park. This would make a good turnaround point, as the area gets a little more rugged south of there, but the path does continue for another 4 km.

Add-Ons: Enjoy some of the historic side streets of Qijin, and the roads around the fort/lighthouse.


  • Up to 9 km one-way; A good 10k out and back is to go to the Windmill Park
  • Fairly flat, except the areas around the lighthouse/fort
  • Cijin Ferry Terminal
  • ferry runs from the Gushan Ferry District every 10 minutes and takes 7 minutes