Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo Trail Run: Westside Trails, GeoTime Trail

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For some trail running near the center of Waterloo, there are some terrific options just west of the University. We suggest combining the Westside Trails and the GeoTime Trail. The Westside Trails come off Laurelwood Drive, and feature 12 km of trails through the Forest Hills woodlot. Create your own route here. The surface is a combination of stone dust & bark mulch, and there are some hilly sections.

At the southern end of this trail system at Sundew Park, you’ll find the GeoTime Trail, a unique 4 km interpretive trail loop that trail illustrates┬ámajor geological events that have taken place through 18 interpretive signs along route.

Add-On: Just north of the Westside Trails, on the north side of Laurelwood Dr., there are some additional trails that are part of the Laurel Creek Wildlife Refuge, which features a reservoir and observation tower.

  • 15+ km of trails between the Westside & GeoTime trails
  • hilly
  • Westside Trails are off Laurelwood Dr; GeoTime Trail is at Sundew Park.
  • Off Laurelwood Dr.