Knoxville, TN

Downtown Knoxville and University of Tennessee Tour

Wikimedia Commons: Nightryder84

This tour of just under 5 miles showcases the highlights of Knoxville’s small downtown and the adjacent University of Tennessee campus, with a return on the riverfront Neyland Greenway.

World’s Fair Park. Flickr: Jmar G

Start downtown at the Blount Mansion and run north on S. Gay St., passing by the small historic section of downtown Knoxville.  Take South Gay north for 1/2 mile, then LEFT on Wall St. to Market St., passing Charles Krutch Park. RIGHT on Clinch Ave. to cross Henley. Do a 1/2 mile tour of World’s Fair Park, with its landmark Sunsphere and Knoxville Museum of Art. Just west is the University of Tennessee campus, which has a nice pedestrian ‘mall’ passing by the iconic Torchbearer statue. When reaching the recreational complex/fields, it’s worth a loop around the famous Tom Black Track. For the return, head back through campus, or take the Neyland Greenway for 1.3 miles back (use Lake Loudon Blvd. to gt there).

Add-Ons: Longer section on Neyland Greenway or numerous connecting trails/greenways. Can also connect to our West End route.



  • 4.6 miles (7.4 km)
  • 350 feet (107m)
  • Blount Mansion, downtown