Kobe, Japan

Kobe Waterfront Promenades

As a coastal city along Osaka Bay, Kobe has plenty of waterfront running along its spacious promenades. There are numerous sections, not one long continuous path. Note that there are some industrial sections & busy roads that separate the different waterfront sections. Below are four distinct running options, from east to west:

HAT Yume Park to Minato No Mori Park.  This is the longest of the promenades. It’s 2.5 km along the water to Saigogawakawaguchi Park. Runners can follow the path inland through Onohama Park and Minato No Mori Park for another 1.5 km. ROUTE MAP.

Harborland Park area. Photo: Mark Lowenstein

Meriken Park to Harborland Park. This 2.75 km section of walkway is one of the most scenic and festive areas of the Kobe Waterfront, passing by icons such as the Port of Kobe Earthquake Memorial Park, the Meriken Park murals, Kobe Port Tower, the Mosaic Ferris Wheel, and the Kobe Port Signal Station. It’s also centrally located, not too far from the main train station. ROUTE MAP.

Suma Promenade. Nice waterfront path along the Seaside Park beach from Suma Aqualife Park east for 2 km. ROUTE MAP

Maiko Marine Promenade. This section is further west, and goes for 2 km between the Akashi Kaiko Bridge and the public baths at the Maiki Beach Resort. The scenic promenade passes through Hyogo Prefectural Maiko Park and Maiko Higashi Seaside Park. ROUTE MAP.

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