Lagos, Nigeria

Best Beaches for Running in Lagos

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The beaches might offer some of the best opportunities for running in Lagos. The city is well known for its many beaches, the best of which are on Lekki. Many of them are wide enough and feature firm enough sand for running. Our top recommendations are below. Note: the surf can be substantial, which might occasionally affect the ‘real estate’ available for beach running. Also, some of the beaches might require a small entry fee. They can also get crowded.

Alpha Beach to Atican Beach. On Lekki, put together a run on several adjacent beaches, stretching for 7+ km from Alpha Beach east to Lekki Beach and Atican Beach. These are some of the best beaches for running in Lagos, wide and with good firm sand.

Elegushi Beach. Toward the western end of Lekki, Elegushi Beach is also good for running. Up to 5 km possible, heading west toward the Landmark Center. Includes the Lekki Leisure area.

Eleko Beach. Further east on Lekki, and a bit narrower, it’s also possible to run on this beach.





  • Several km possible on these beaches
  • All on the southern end of Lekki