Lake Como, Italy

Brunate Hills and Views

Flickr: IK's World Trip

If you want to get in some hills on nearly car-free roads with amazing views, we recommend the hilltop town of Brunate. The town, which is 500m above Lake Como, is best reached by a funicular, located only 1 km from the center of Como. Once at the top, there are lovely, narrow roads with amazing views. We’ve put together a nearly 6 km route that showcases some of the viewpoints, plus a jaunt to a hilltop lighthouse. For a longer, and very hilly run, we’ve also plotted the road to the summit of Monte Boletto. NOTE: All of the running in Brunate is very hilly. No way around it!

For the main run, start near the funicular station at the Fontana del Campari. Take Via Roma south to the Como observation deck. The next section is a 1.8 loop along the western edge of Brunate, using Via Atillio Pirotta to Via ai Piani, then back along Via Parco Nidrino. From the center, take Via Pissarottino north, steadily uphill for 0.8 km to the Punto Panoramico scenic spot. Return back to the center, for the final 100m climb to the hilltop Volta’s Lighthouse, using the Via Mulattiera walking path. Return to the start.

Longer, Even Hillier Option: Monte Boletto. The run to the summit of Monte Boletto uses Via alle Colme/alle Baite —  a pretty, shaded, and relatively car-free road. Over 4 km, it’s a 300m (1,000 foot) climb, with grades of 8-10%. So it’s a serious challenge. The first section of the road is a stone surface, but then it’s gravel/dirt. There are some views, but it’s also quite wooded.


  • Brunate Tour: 5.8 km (3.6 miles); Monte Boletto Option adds 8 km (5 miles) out and back
  • Brunayte Tour: 320m (1,050 feet)!! Monte Boletto Otion is 322k (1,057 feet)
  • Funicalar Station in Boletto
  • Funicular station is 1 km walk from the center of Como. Runs every 30 mins.