Lake Como, Italy

Fiumelatte to Varenna Waterfront Run

The SP72 road hugs the eastern side of Lake Como. Unfortunately, many sections of this road, while beautiful, lack an adequate shoulder or sidewalk for walking/running. However, there is a pleasant, runnable nearly 4 km section between Fiumelatte and Varenna. The section of the SP72 starting in Fiumelatte  has a sidewalk. In Varenna, a lovely smaller road along the water, Riva Garibaldi, leads to the irresistible ‘Walk of Lovers‘, an arcaded walkway between Varenna Harbor and the ferry terminal. The lovely promenade has hanging willows, cypress trees and wood-planked pedestrian bridges. North of there, the SP72 is runnable to Bau Bau Beach. Option: Climb up the 500 feet to the Baluardo di Varenna scenic spot, just north of the start in Fiumelatte.

Add-On: Explore Varenna’s quaint, narrow streets. More extensive running opportunities in the hills above Varenna. The roads are hilly and lack sidewalks/shoulder, but have relatively light traffic.


  • 4 km one-way; Optional climb to Baluardo di Varenna
  • Fairly flat, unless you choose to do the climb to Baluardo di Varenna
  • South End: Fiumelatte; North End: Bau Bau Beach
  • Train station both Fiumelatte and Varenna