Lake Como, Italy

Parco Val Sanagra

Parco Val Sanagra is a lovely park located just above the town of Menaggio. The park lies in a green, fertile valley, and features woods, meadows and pastures. There are extensive trails and paths that make for some wonderful running. Since the park’s terrain ranges from 300m to 2000m, there are certainly opportunities for challenging running on some of the hiking trails. But there are also some flatter, gentler ‘walking paths’ as well.

This trail map shows the range of trails in the area. The ones most suitable/attractive for running are:

Val Sanagra River Path (#2 on the map). Lovely path in the river valley, from Piamuro.

Path from Menaggio to Porlezza (#10 on the map). Nice path following a former railway line fromĀ  Lake Como to Lake Lugano, via the Lago di Plano (lake) Reserve.

LUNGO L’ANTICA STRADA REGINA. Path along the water following the ancient Roman road from Noniallo (just north of Menaggio) to Rezzonico. A bit hilly, on a stone path.


  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Some trails are flatter, but lots of opportunities for hillier, more challeinging trail runs
  • Depends on trail chosen; Most trailheads are close to Menaggio