Amarillo, TX

Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

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Lake Meredith National Recreation Area is a cliff-lined lake area, known for its spectacular scenery and popular for boating, fishing, and hiking. Part of the National Park system, Lake Meredith is located 70 miles north of Amarillo and is must see if in the area. There are many miles of hiking trails that are also terrific for trail running. Many of the trails here areĀ  more rugged and challenging than the Palo Duro Canyon, the area’s other main attraction. The hiking/running trails are also in distinct areas. Most recommended for running are:

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Turkey Creek Trail. Probably the best bet for running. Located near the Park HQ and Visitor Center. Overall, it’s 16.5 miles of rolling hills, lake views, and deep canyons — but the first 6 miles along the shoreline of Lake Meredith to South Turkey Creek is a good run.

Mullinaw Trails. At the southern end of the park. Overall there are 4.3 miles of trails, but the 2.25-mile orange spur along the banks of the Canadian river is the main part of the trail and good for running.

Harbor Trail. Challenging, and only for experienced trail runners. The most spectacular trail at Lake Meredith, covers from Harbor Bay to Meredith Way, including 2 loops. The terrain consists of a variety of gently rolling hills, steep slopes with steps, and switchback, through canyons and mesas.

NOTE: Most trails are exposed and it can be brutally hot in summer. Use caution and plan accordingly.

  • See trail map and descriptions
  • Depends on trail chosen. Ranges from flat to steep
  • Depends on trail chosen.
  • Located 70 miles north of Amarillo. Park HQ/Visitor Center is a good anchor point