Leeds, UK

Leeds ‘Runseeing’ Tour and Woodhouse Moor

Creative Commons: Rich Tea
Leeds City Centre. Wiki Commons

Explore the Leeds city center, Woodhouse Moor, and the University of Leeds campus all on an easy-to-follow ‘runseeing’ tour! Start in Victoria Square at Leeds Town Hall and take Calverley St. north past the hospital to the University of Leeds. There are some nice pedestrian paths to explore. Continue uphill on Mt. Prestone St. and Clarendon Rd. to reach Woodhouse Moor, a classic English city open space (and parkrun location). A loop around the paths is ~ 1 mile. Head back to the city centre using St. John’ Ave. and Rosebank Park (option: 1/2 mile detour to Burley Field). Take Bellevue Rd. and Burley St. into the heart of Leeds, passing Hanover Square. Park Square, and take Quebec St. to City Square, where you can do a jaunt around the downtown Leeds main commercial area to complete the route.

Add-On: For a longer run, it’s 1 mile south to our waterfront route — use Briggate Rd.

  • 4.25 miles (6.8 km) with good add-on options
  • 224 feet (68m)
  • Victoria Square