Lexington, KY

Arboretum Trail

Wikimedia Commons: Daderot

The 100-acre Arboretum and State Botanical Garden is one of the running highlights of Lexington. The Arboretum, which is free and open to the public, features more than 500 species native to the state of Kentucky. There’s a lovely, paved 2 mile perimeter path which is very popular for running (bonus: biking not permitted!). At the western end, an additional 0.5 mile mulched wood trail is a good additional spur.

Add-Ons: Nice pedestrian paths around the The University of Kentucky campus, located 1 mile north of the Arboretum. Use Alumni Dr./University Way or Sports Center Dr., which both have decent sidewalks.

  • 2 mile (3.2 km) paved perimeter path with 0.5 mile additional spur
  • 60 feet (18m)
  • Arboretum Parking Lot
  • Parking lot at Arboretum; Accessibe via bus