Lexington, KY

Hisle Farm Park

Courtesy: Lexlover.com

Hisle Farm Park offers runners a great opportunity to get a taste of horse farm country for which this area is famous. The 280-acre park has lovely rolling hill trails through fields. There ~3.5 miles of trails are comprised of a 1-mile loop and a hillier 2.5 mile loop, which can be combined.

Note that the trails are meant for horses and hikers, although we understand that horse traffic is relatively rare. Runners should slow down at any sign of horses. See this website for additional guidelines.

  • Total of 3.5 miles of trails, consisting of 1 mile and 2.5 mile loops
  • Rolling hills. The 2.5 mile loop is hillier
  • Near parking lot
  • Parking area off Briar Hill Rd.