Little Rock, AR

Allsopp Park/Hillcrest Neighborhood

Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau

Located in the Hillcrest/Riverdale area, just west of central Little Rock, Allsopp Park is a large green space spilling across the entire northern portion of the neighborhood. There are dozens of trail options here, from paved roads and bike paths to quiet dirt nature trails. Runners can thread any of these paths together for loops up to around 3 miles, but those seeking a longer route will have no trouble extending their run onto the lovely sidewalks of the Hillcrest neighborhood. Hill Road and Kavanaugh Boulevard/Ozark Street, which reach through the Hillcrest Historic District into Knoop Park, are all great add-ons. Some of the other streets surrounding Allsopp Park, including South Lookout Road and Crestwood Drive, are also worth a jaunt for their magnificent houses. We’ve mapped a rough 5.5 mile tour in and around the park, but feel free to improvise. 

The Hillcrest neighborhood runs from Allsopp/Knoop park west to N. University Ave., and from Markham St. north to N. Lookout Rd.

  • 5.4 miles (8.7 km) main loop, but good additional/create your own options
  • 440 feet
  • Kavanaugh Promenade
  • Kavanaugh Blvd./Elm Street Bus Stop