Castle Hill is a wonderful history tour of medieval Ljubljana complete with challenging hill work. This fortress standing guard over the city center is surrounded by a forest with a small maze of dirt paths leading up the steep incline. You can access this route straight from the city center and make your way up to the castle on a quick but steep hill run. The views from the top of the hill are incredible, with tree lined walkways looking out upon downtown and the Kamnik Alps beyond. There is even an exercise station available with free cross-training equipment.

While there are a few points of access to the hill, most runners start out on the northeast side and enter through Studentovska ulica. Continue on Za ograjami, which wraps around the west side of the hill and changes into Maeja steza. At the path’s end, take a left onto Osojna pot, which links up to Grajski devored. This will carry you up the hill where you can enjoy the view before returning on Ovinki. It’s not a very long run — only about 1.3 miles (2 km) from the city center looping to the summit — but it can easily be combined with the Runseeing or River routes for added distance.

  • 2 km (1.3 miles) to summit, and an extra 1 km for direct return
  • 557 feet (170 meters)
  • Prešeren Monument
  • Mestna Bus Stop