Ljubljana, Slovenia

Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

Petar Milošević

Locally known as the Trail Along the Wire or the POT, the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship is a 35-kilometer path marking the where the city perimeter was fenced off during the World War II occupation. Today, it is a scenic gravel and paved walkway which makes for a great sightseeing run. Unless you’re on your way to a marathon, it’s unlikely you’ll want to complete the entire circuit. Don’t worry, you can hop on the path for an out and back at any point. The west end (near Tivoli) and the east end (near the Golovec district) are generally more green and park-like, while the north and south sides are more urban and residential. Each kilometer is marked with a signpost labeled “POT,” so it’s easy to keep track of your mileage without getting lost.

  • Up to 35 km (20 miles)
  • Any Point -- see map
  • Map has good information on parking and transit access