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Ashland, OR

Includes The Area Between Ashland and Medford

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This is the Great Runs guide to running in the Ashland/Medford area in southern Oregon, near the California border. It’s a popular visitor destination for the summertime Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the area’s scenic mountains, orchards, and vineyards. Note that the area is quite hilly. And it can be hot in summer!

The best place to run in Ashland is in & around Lithia Park. Run in the park, adjacent streets, or as part of our Ashland Tour that also includes North Mountain Park, Southern Oregon University, and the Central Bike Path. The 20-mile Bear Creek Greenway, which connects Ashland to Central Point, is a good anchor and the best opportunity for a longer off-road run. South of Ashland, there are tremendous trail running options in the foothills of the Siskiyou and Cascade ranges.

In Medford, a good off-road run is to combine a section of the Bear Greek Greenway with the Larson Creek Path. Northwest of town, the Rogue River Greenway is a paved multi-use trail along the Rogue River. We’ve also provided recommendations for some of the quieter, scenic roads passing the area’s orchards and vineyards.

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Bear Creek Greenway

Ashland, OR

Paved multi-use path runs between Ashland and Central Point, passing through Talent, Phoenix, and Medford. It's the best bet for a longer off-road run in the area. Not always scenic, as it runs near a highway much of the way. Steady uphill climb south to north.

The climate in the Ashland/Medford area is delightful for running. The cities lie in the shadow of the mountains and so are quite dry. Summers can be hot and dry, with daytime temperatures in the high 80sF (31C), though nights get quite cool! Winters are cool and cloudy, with average highs in the low-40sF and lows just below freezing. Precipitation only averages 20 inches annually — most of it from October to May. Note that the weather in the mountains is very different — cold and snowy in winter!



Rogue Valley Runners is an institution in the area. They host group runs and sponsor signature running events in the area.


Rogue Valley runners has group runs 5:30 pm Wednesdays from the store and Ladies’ group runs 5:30 pm Thursdays.