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Córdoba, Argentina

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Córdoba

Córdoba rests in the basin where the Sierras Chicas foothills meet the Suquía River in north-central Argentina. It is Argentina’s second most populous city, and is most famous for its National University and “Manzana Jesuítica,” a block of architecture conceived by Jesuit missionaries. The highlights of running in Córdoba, Argentina are paths along the Rio Suquía and several nice parks. It’s a sunny, warm climate for running nearly year-round.

While central Córdoba’s large Parque Sarmiento is the top place to run in the city, there are also some good paths along the Rio Suquía, and its neighboring parks: Parque Municipal San Martín, Parque Kempes, and Parque del Chateau. Runners may also enjoy exploring the historic downtown of Córdoba, starting from Plaza San Martín.

Central Córdoba is quite walkable, but buses and taxis are readily available for trips to surrounding areas. If you’re interested in running routes outside Córdoba (such as some of the distant Jesuit estancias), a rental car may be a good option.

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Parque Sarmiento

The largest park in Argentina, Parque Sarmiento is the most popular running area in Córdoba. A loop... more...

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Córdoba has a sunny, warm climate. Summers are hot and can be humid, with high temperatures stretching well into the 80sF (30C). Winters temperatures are in the 60sF (18C), with cool nights (7C, 45F). There are distinct wet and dry seasons, with frequent rain and thunderstorms in summer, and very little precipitation in winter.

Hotels in Córdoba are mostly located downtown surrounding the Plaza San Martín. 

There are a variety of running stores in Argentina, including some familiar chains.

Visitors will find running tours with organizations like Just Run, Olatrek, and Go! Running Tours.

The Córdoba Half Marathon is the city’s top running event. The North Face Endurance Challenge — La Cumbrecita — also begins from Córdoba.