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Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

The best places to run in the Mount Fuji and Hakone Areas

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The snow-capped Mount Fuji peak and volcano is a symbolic part of Japan and a popular visitor destination. The area is preserved as part of the vast Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, which includes the Mount Fuji and Hakone areas to the north, and the Izu Peninsula and Izu Islands to the south. Our main focus is on the Mount Fuji and adjacent Hakone sections — an area popular for scenic trails and drives around the Fuji Five Lakes. For our guide to running in Mount Fuji and Hakone, we’ve researched safe and scenic sections of roads around the Five Lakes, and some of the easier trails for running around Mount Fuji and Hakone. We also provide links to some of the most popular hiking options.

The best places to run in the Mount Fuji area are the perimeter road around Lake Yamanaka, and sections of Lake Kawaguchi & Lake Saiko. Some of the best running is in the Hakone area, including the historic Old Tōkaidō Road, parks and trails along Lake Ashinoko, and a variety of trail running options.

Notes: The lower mountain elevations feature dense forest. The hiking season is generally May to October. Please be aware of weather and altitude. Most of the Fuji Five Lakes roads lack a shoulder/sidewalk. Information on hiking Mt. Fuji here.

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For hiking and running, the main time to visit is spring through autumn. Winters are cold and snowy in the mountains. The weather can be extreme at the mountain summits. The Mt. Fuji summit is a tundra climate. At lake level, summer temperatures are hot and oppressive, with lots of clouds and precipitation — highs are 30C (87F), with warm nights. Winter highs are 10C (50F), with lows near freezing. It can be rainy much of the year, though winter tends to be clearer. In the mountains, trails are snow-covered in winter.