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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel is the country’s second largest city and a dynamic, lively, multicultural dynamo. It’s one of the major financial centers of the Middle East, and is also known for its cafes and dynamic nightlife. For runners, Tel Aviv’s principal attraction is its location on the Mediterranean. A highlight is the 8km promenade along the beach. Other running highlights include the 8km path along the Yarkon River into Yarkon Park, and the grassy median along famous Boulevard Rothschild. We’ve also included some fun neighborhood and market runs, and some opportunities to get some breathing room in suburban Herzliya and the Ben Shemen Forest. There is a jogging track at Sportek, on Rokach Blvd. If you’d like to have an in-person guided running experience in Tel Aviv, we highly recommend our friends at Go! Running Tours.

For transportation, the city is congested and parking expensive. There is a very good bus system that is extensively used. Tel Aviv also has an improving train system, with four stops along the Ayalon Highway. Trains run to the airport, Haifa to the north, and to Jerusalem.

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Tel Aviv has a combination Mediterranean and desert climate. Summers are hot and humid, with high temperatures averaging 90F+ (32C), and hardly any rainfall between May and October. Winters can be rainier, with average high temperatures in January around 60F. Nighttime temperatures in winter can be cool, but rarely below freezing. Generally the weather is good all year for running but be aware of the summer hear and humidity.tel-aviv-climate-graph

Tel Aviv is an important business center and is also a popular tourist destination. There are plenty of hotels, mainly clustered in the city center near Rothschild Blvd., and in the western part of the city along the coast. Our recommendation is to stay in one of the beach side hotels if possible, allowing access to wonderful waterfront running. If you stay toward the northern part of beach toward the Port of Tel Aviv, there’s also good access to the Yarkon River paths and park.

The main independent running store in Tel Aviv is Pro Runner, located near Yarkon Park. Great selection of running clothing. There are also Nike running store and Newton Running.

Pro Runner is the main independent running store in Tel Aviv. Great selection of running shoes and clothing. Social events as well.

Newton Running. Another great running store in Tel Aviv. In the eastern part of the city, not that centrally located.

The running scene in Israel continues to grow and there are many running events in different parts of the country.

Article on Israel’s most important running events.

Tel Aviv Marathon. February. Major event with 40,000 runners. Great course along the water and central Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Night Run. November. Very popular 10k, attracting 25,000 runners.

Natal Color Run. Part of the Color Run series. 5k run with the aim of raising awareness of PTSD as a result of terror and war in Israel.