Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv Neighborhoods & Parks

There are several central Tel Aviv neighborhoods that are enjoyable and interesting for running. Due to the short, narrow streets, it’s difficult to map a specific route. But here are a few recommendations. See the city overview map for way-finding.

Neve Zedek area. From the southern end of Rothschild Blvd., run along Shabazi St. – Tel Aviv’s first street. to the Ministry of Defence and the Old Train Station. A pedestrian corridor paralleling Pines St. is helpful. MAP

Markets Neighborhood. The Kerem, also known as Yemenites Quarter, and Carmel Market (Shouk). Narrow, winding streets and alleys. Can only run early/late when market is closed.

Parks in Southern Tel Aviv. Near the Russian Orthodox Church, some nice green areas. See Bloomfield Stadium, then into Park HaHorshot with the Zoological Garden & Botanical Garden. Use Herzl St. as the binder. Our MAP is a good overview.




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  • Neve Zedek is 2.8 km loop with good add-on opportunities