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Lilongwe, Malawi

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Lilongwe is the capital and most populated city of Malawi, with just over 1 million residents. It’s located in the country’s central region,  near the borders with Mozambique and Zambia. The city sits on a plateau at 1,050m, along the Lilongwe River. Lilongwe is divided into an Old City and New City, with ‘areas’ ranging from 1 to 61 (numbered chronologically). We thank Martine van Schoor for recommending the best places to run in Lilongwe!

The best places to run in are in some of the ‘areas’ with wider streets and less traffic. It’s nice to run in Areas 10/12/43, which feature embassies and nicer residential streets. The Capital Hill area (Areas 14 & 20) is also a good running spot. We also love running 6 km of shaded trails along the Lingadzi River at the Lilongwe Wildlife Center. Martine has also recommended a route in the west Lilongwe fields, accessible from the Gateway Mall.

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Lilongwe has a humid subtropical climate, with warm summers and mild winters — moderated by the city’s altitude. High temperatures throughout the year range from 21 to 27 C (71-81F), with October & November being the warmest months. Nights dip to 10C-18C (50F-64F), coolest June-August. There are distinct wet and dry seasons, with December-March being the rainiest months, with some monsoonal characteristics.

The best cluster of accommodations is in the area served by our Area 10/12/43 route.