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Luxor, Egypt

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One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Luxor is a hugely popular visitor site, known as the “world’s greatest open-air museum”. On the east side of the River Nile are the Luxor and Karnak temple complexes, while the west side Necropolis contains the monuments, temples and tombs, including Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens. There are some quite memorable opportunities for running in Luxor, showcasing the Nile River and the city’s spectacular sites.

The best place to run in Luxor is the 3.8 km Corniche path along the River Nile, which features great views of the Temple complexes. Just south of there, it’s possible to run over to Kings Island (Jazirat Al Awamiyyah), a green spot with some nice paths. On the west side, there’s some quite unusual running on the roads leading to and around the expansive Necropolis, although respect should be shown at the tombs and sites themeselves.

Some notes about running in Luxor: Summers are very hot and the terrain is exposed — there’s nearly constant sunshine. Also, women should wear running clothes covering their shoulders.

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Like Aswan, Luxor is one of the sunniest, hottest places on earth — daytime high temps are 35-41C (95-106F) from April through October. Best to run early in summer when it’s still comparatively cool. November through March is pleasantly warm, with cool nights. Rainfall of any kind is very rare. There are nearly 4,000 hours of annual sunshine. Runners should take into account the heat and the exposed desert terrain.