Naples, Italy

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Naples

Michele Landi

Naples, or Napoli, is one of the largest cities in Italy, situated on a gulf of the Tyrrhenian Sea in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. This mediterranean port is a UNESCO World Heritage site, noted for its Greco-Roman roots and its beautiful piazzas, palaces, churches, and castles. The cramped historic layout of downtown makes running in Naples, Italy somewhat difficult, but there are some great spots.

Traffic and minimal sidewalks rule out many of the central streets. Luckily for runners, the long waterfront promenade of the Lungomare is both a scenic and a convenient route to run traffic free in Naples. Other options include the palace grounds of Capodimonte Park, the street and steps leading up to San Martino, and a historic tour of Old Town. For a destination adventure, trail runners may want to visit the Amalfi Coast to run the famously scenic Path of the Gods.

While the streets may not be ideal for running, Naples is actually an incredibly walkable city, and most travelers choose to get around on foot. For longer distance travel, the metro or funicular are good options for avoiding traffic. However, for further flung routes (like the Path of the Gods) runners will have to try their hand with the rather inefficient bus system.

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When staying in Naples, the most highly recommended places to stay are near Old Town (especially around Piazza Bellini) and along the waterfront. There is great running near both of these areas!

See VisitNaples.Eu for info on travel and accommodations.

Naples running stores include chains like Nike, Foot Locker, DM Sport, and Urban Jungle.

The most famous running event in Naples is the Napoli Marathon, which includes a series of other, shorter races.