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Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Flickr: Dan Lundberg

The capital and largest city in Uzbeskistan, Tashkent is also the most populous city in Central Asia. Tashkent has a long and complicated history. Much of Tashkent’s old city was destroyed in the 1966 earthquake. Today, Tashkent is a mix of Soviet era planning with shade trees, wide streets, large plazas, & monuments, with new developments starting to replace some of the Soviet icons. Running in Tashkent can be a bit of a challenge: the main streets are very wide, the parks fairy small, and a relative lack of waterfront or off-road paths. Also, summers can be brutally hot and the air quality can be poor. Nevertheless, we’ve put together several scenic routes, mainly around key sites and in the larger parks.

We’ve put together two ‘runseeing’ tours of Tashkent, which can be mix & matched: one focused on Amir Temur Square to City Park, and the other around Independence Square area & riverfront paths. In the Chilanzar in southern Tahkent is a nice run combining Gafur Gulyam Recreation Park & Milliy Stadium Paths. In the Yunusabad District in Tashkent’s northeast, we have a route combining the Japanese Garden & Shahidlar Square, and one in the Tashkent Botanical Garden.

Notes: Summer temperatures can be very hot, with high temps in the 35-36C range. Also, the air quality can be poor.

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