London, England

West of London & Near Heathrow


Unlike many other cities, all is not lost if you get stuck staying (or delayed) at Heathrow, which is 20 miles west of the city. There are surprisingly good running options, even if you’re staying right at the airport, or at one of the hotels nearby. Some recommendations:

  • At Airport: Moors. There is some very decent running at the airport. Hammondsworth Moor is just north of the airport and near hotels. Lots of roads and paths in here, adjoining the rivers. Also Accommodation Rd. and Moor Rd. Just to the south is Stanwell Moor.
  • Staines-Upon-Thames. One of the best options, just a couple of miles southwest of the airport, for access to trails on the Thames, heading west toward Windsor.
  • Windsor. Windsor is only 6 miles west of Heathrow. Windsor Castle is of course worth seeing. There’s wonderful running through the old part of town, toward Eton College, and along the Thames trails.
  • Hounslow Heath. Good trail/heath running, 4 miles east of Heathrow. 200 acres, with 4 miles of trails for running/walking.
  • Richmond Park. 8 miles east of Heathrow. About halfway between the airport and the city. A good running option if you are staying at or near the airport want to experience London’s largest Royal Park. Not that easy to get to by public transport. See entry above for Richmond Park.
Our Richmond Park Route

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