Müllerthal Trail Run

The Müllerthal Region (also called Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland) is located about 30 km northeast of Luxembourg City. It is characterized by hilly landscapes and sandstone rock formations. Our route starts in Echternach city, which is the oldest town in Luxembourg and near the German border. It follows the way-marked 38km Müllerthal Trail “Route 2”. Apart from a few technical sections, the majority of the trail is runnable, but challenging. Most of the route is on a well-maintained forest trail with a few short segments on quiet backcountry roads. You will pass the villages of Berdorf, Müllerthal, Consdorf and Scheidgen. Highlights include a stunning view of the Echternach Basilica from the “Troosknäppchen” viewpoint, the “Kohlscheuer” crevice, the mill of Consdorf and spectacular rock formations in a forest setting.

We’ve mapped the whole trail, realizing most runners won’t do the entire route. Pick your section! Bikers, hikers and trail runners share the paths and it can be busy on spring and summer weekends. To avoid crowds, head there on a weekday. A detailed map of the walking route is available in the region.

  • 37 km (23 miles) loop. Clearly can do less but it would be an out and back
  • 2400 feet
  • Echternach City, near the river
  • Can take a bus to Echternach