Parc Municipal and Parc Merl-Belair

Parc Merl-Belair
Parc Municipal

Luxembourg City is a very green city with many public gardens and parks. This short flat route features two fairly small but lovely parks for running: the Municipal Park (Parc Municipal) and the Merl-Belair Park (Parc Merl-Belair). The Municipal Park is right in the city centre and it has a London park feel to it with its spacious lawns and gracious paths. On warm summer days, it is a popular place for young people and families to socialize and relax. Start at the entrance across from the Grand Theatre, at Blvd. de la Foire. Run through the park’s paths, passing Villa Vauban (a small art museum), to Allée Marconi and Winston Churchill Place.
To connect to Merl-Belair Park, less than 1 km away, take Blvd. Joseph II and Ave. du Dix Septembre.  Just outside the city centre, Merl-Belair features beautiful meadows and ponds. Enjoy the park paths, and then return by retracing your steps. For a treat, enjoy the Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Kremer-Jakoby Sàrl at the western edge of the park.

  • 4.5 km (2.8 miles) loop
  • 120 feet
  • Parc Municipal entrance on the Boulevard de la Foire
  • Bus Access