Macau, China

Coloane Trails

Coloane is a man-made island, only a couple of km from the hotels in the Macau New Urban Zone. A large park provides some excellent options for walking, running, and hiking. There are trails at the northeastern section and southeastern section.

Coloane Trail (Trilho de Coloane) — the first and longest trail in Macau — forming an 8.1 km loop around the base of the mountain, and sitting about 100m above sea level. This is the signature route and is well way-marked and easy to follow. The path is mainly dirt, but is runnable. The terrain varies between flat sections, gradual inclines, and a couple of steeper spots. There are a couple of entrances/access points: the official entrance is near the Arboretum at the middle part of the Estrada do Alto de Coloane. Or, you can start at Seac Pai Van Park, take the (200+!) steps to the trail. It is the red line in the attached trail map.  It can also be reached via the Fitness Walk Trail.

Coloane Fitness Walk (Circuito de Manutenção), which is a more walker/jogger friendly loop of 1.225 km. It is the blue line in the trail map. Starting point is at Intersection of Estrada do Alto de Coloane and Estrada Militar. It bisects with the Coloane Trail.

Morro de Hac Sa Family Trail. On the southeastern part of the island, this runnable 2.2 km loop is on a hillside and features great views of the South China Sea. Access: Intersection of Estrada de Choc Van and Estrada Nova de Hac Sá.

Long Chao Kok Coastal Trail

Long Chao Kok Coastal Trail. Coastal trail that runs right along the water for 1.2 km. It is runnable, but more of a trail run. Not too technical or challenging. Acccess: Rua de Hac-Sá Long Chao Kok (North), or Chuk Wan Hou Yuen (South). ROUTE MAP

Additional Options (from northeastern part of park)
a) Run to charming Coloane Village, using Estrada de Seac Pai Van and heading south. Once at Coloane Village, there’s a nice waterfront sidewalk that runs for 0.6 km from Lord Stowe’s to the Tam Kong Temple along Av. de Cinco de Outubro.
b) Decent path/sidewalk along the water from Parque da Estrada do Dique Oeste at the western end of the Orient Golf Club, south for ~2 km to the end of R. Marginal da Concórdia.

  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Colaone Trail is hilly - a couple of steeper sections
  • See description for trail access