Macau, China

Hac Sa Reservoir Loop & Family Trail

Wikimedia Commons

When you see the term ‘fitness walk’ to describe a path in Macau, odds are it’s a good spot for a run. Just to the east of Coalane Park, there’s a 1.5 km trail around the Hac Sa Reservoir (black line on map). It’s a wide, concrete path that is perfect for a run, combining some water views with some nice shaded sections.

For a longer run, you can combine with the Hac Sa Family Walk (Circuito da Barragem de Hác-Sá – blue line on map), which is a 2.6 mile loop — runnable, but more of a trail run. You can also enjoy the quite runnable Hac Sa Beach (up to 1.2 km, one-way).

  • Reservoir Loop is is 1.5 km (1 mile); Family Trail is a 2.6 km loop; Hac Sa Beach is ~ 1 km one-way
  • Flat
  • Hac Sa Reservoir