Maine: Mid-Coast

Bath Area Running Options

Bath is the cousin to Brunswick in what’s known as the Bath-Brunswick region of Maine. It’s a major shipbuilding center, with the Bath Ironworks being a critical part of the region’s economy today. There are a few great options for running in Bath:

Bath Waterfront. We’ve put together a 5-mile tour of the most important parts of Bath, featuring a run by the Ironworks and around some of the city’s main streets. Start in front of the Ironworks at Russel St. and Washington St., and head north. This will be good waterfront running for about 2 miles, on Washington St., Front St., and Bowery St. There’s a steady climb and some lovely homes on Bowery. You can keep going toward North Bath, but Clapp Point is a good turnaround point. The second half of the run is a straight shot back along Washington St., which features some impressive captains’ homes. Add-On: some of the streets of downtown Bath are good for running, featuring homes, shops, and restaurants. MAP

Bath Downtown. Create your own route on the main streets of downtown Bath. Historic buildings, homes, shops, and restaurants. You can easily do a few miles, and combine with waterfront run above. Good option in winter.
Full Bath Loop & Whiskeag Trail. 7.4 miles. From downtown Bath, take the waterfront route above. Past Clapp Point, get onto Washington St. toward North Bath and then Upper High St, to the entrance of the Whiskeag Trail. Follow this wonderful gravel trail for 3.5 miles, through woodlands and along some coastal sections, back to downtown, connecting at North St. The trail is well-marked. Some uneven footing. MAP. Whiskeag Trail Map.

Additional Running Options in the Bath-Brunswick Area








  • Waterfront Route: 5 miles; Full Bath Loop: 7.5 miles
  • Short Route: 188 feet; Long Route: 350 feet
  • Short Route: at Bath Ironworks, Washington & Russell St.; Long Route: Center & Commercial St.