Malacca, Malaysia

‘Reclamation Areas’ and Beaches

Klebang Beach. Source: Wikimedia Commons

There’s something about the words ‘reclamation area’ that don’t suggest ‘gorgeous run’…but there’s some decent running between the Encore Melaka and Tanjung Kling. The Encore Melaka is an elaborate performing arts center at the top of the bay. Since this is a newly developing area, the roads are wide and don’t have too much traffic. It is 5+ km west along Lorong Hajah Maznah to Klebang Beach. It’s a wide road with fast-moving traffic, but has a brick sidewalk/path that’s decent for running. At Klebang Beach, the sand is runnable, and there are some smaller side roads. Note: little shade in this area.

It’s possible to continue further west for ~3 km toward Tanjung Kling, using some side roads or the main road #5 as a connector. North of Road #5, there are some residential side streets that are decent for exploratory running.

The best beach for running in the area is Kemunting, which is 30 km west of Malacca. The beach isn’t wide but it’s pretty and the sand can be runnable. A quiet road runs along the beach, for about 2 km from the Muara Bidara Beach Resort to the Pantai Pengkalan Balak Melaka (fishing village). It has pretty foliage and nice views of the water.

  • It's ~8 km from Encore Melaka to Tanjung Kling; Kemunting Beach and road along it is 2.1 km
  • Flat
  • Depends on area chosen
  • Kemunting Beach is 30 km west of Malacca