Mallorca, Spain

Run to a Castle! Bellver Castle Loop

Lana Bukvic

The 13th century Bellver Castle sits on top of a hill of pine trees about 3 km west of Palma and 112m above sea level. It’s a fun and challenging run to make your way up to the castle along wooded roads and paths. We’ve mapped a 7 km route that does a larger circle loop, see the park map.

A good place to start is the Carrer de Bellver, near the Bosque Del Castillo De Bellver Park, accessible by bus from Palma. Take the Carrer de Bellver, and head up the hill toward the castle for ~1 km  stairs here making for more direct access). Come back down the other side and connect to Carrer del Polvori, and then Carrer de Francesc Vidal I Sureda (or the path paralleling it), to do a larger loop on the back half of the hill, using the wooded paths instead of the road. Reconnect with the Carrer Castell de Bellver to complete the loop.


  • 7 km (4.4 miles) loop
  • 174m (571 feet)
  • Carrer de Bellver. Bosque Del Castillo De Bellver Park
  • Bus Access