Mallorca, Spain

Palma ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Lana Bukvic

Our 6.5 km ‘runseeing’ tour of Palma incorporates many of the city’s key parks, monuments, scenic squares, and historical sites in the area known as El Casco Antiguo’. Starting and ending at Park Sa Feixina (~1 km from the old city), pass through the Bastió de Sant Pere, built between 1575-1578 and now home to the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Palma. Run east along the palm-tree-lined pedestrian path of Ronda Migjorn and Passeig De Sagrera, offers seaside views, passing Catedral-Basílica de Santa María — one of the main masterpieces of Palma. At the 1 km mark, turn LEFT at Parc del Mar, heading away from the sea and into the heart of the city, passing the Museu de Mallorca, Museu Pai Luis Fornes, and Catholic church of Santa Eulalia (one of the four oldest  churches in Palma). At Palma Square, notice the remarkable Ajuntament de Palma (City Hall), a popular meeting spot. Head north on Carrer del Colon, which connects the Plaza de Cort, (location of Town Hall) with the Plaza Mayor. Notice the modernist style architecture of the buildings, particularly the Edificio El Águila. Run through Plaza Mayor, Palma’s largest and most important square and once the headquarters of the Inquisition. Continue straight up the Carrer de Sant Miguel, which is full of  brightly colored boutiques, cafés, pastry shops and local jewellery and genuine leather stores, passing the 17th century Museu Fundación Juan March, showcasing works from the 20th-century Spanish artist.

Run along Plaza de l’Olivar, arriving at Plaza D’Espagna, the square considered as the main entrance to the city center. The Statue of the King Jaume commemorates the conquest of Palma City. Option: Cross the street and add a 1km loop around the Parc De les Estacions. From Plaza D’Espagna, turn LEFT (West) along Carrer Des Oms, a pedestrian-only shopping street, and run to the beginning of La Rambla — a scenic promenade along a wide, tree-lined avenue. Numerous bars, restaurants, and fashion boutiques, as well as architectural sites such as the monastery and church of Santa Teresa de Jesús. Reach the Plaza del Weyler and Plaza del Mercat, turning south (toward the water) along Passeig del Born. This sophisticated, tree-lined avenue, along with Avenida de Jaime III nearby, host numerous luxury brands.

Taking a left off of Place de la Reina leads to famous La Seu Cathedral before making your way just below it onto Passeig Dalt Murada. After passing the Estatua ‘Es Foner’, your route will zig- zag through La Lonja, an area with a high concentration of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and cafes. Plaza de Llotya has an incredible 15th-century seafront building which resembles half-castle, half-church. Run along Carrer Llotja, through Plaza de la Drassana, passing the Parroquia de Santa Cruz (typical Catalan Gothic construction), to finish the route.

Add-On: Head either left or right along the seawall promenade, across the street from Park Sa Feixina.


  • 6.5 km (4 mile) loop. Add-Ons: Parc De les Estacions, seaside promenade
  • 62m (203 feet)
  • Park Sa Feixina