Malmö, Sweden

Ribersborgsstranden (Ribersborg Beach)

Flickr: Maria Eklind

The Ribersborgsstranden (Ribersborg Beach), also called the Ribban by locals, is one of the more popular recreational spots in . Located right near the center, the man-made beach opens out to the Øresund and features swimming, numerous paths, a public bath, and other activities. There are also great views of the Øresund bridge. Note: the beach itself is not great for running.

The best spot to run here is along the paved multi-use path, which is a bit inland from the beach itself, but features an expanse of open terrain. From the east end at the Malmö Wake Park sports complex, it’s 3.3 km along the path to the intersection of Vaktgatan. There are numerous scenic spots along the way. It’s also fun to add a jaunt down one or more of the numerous piers (Brygga), each of which is ~0.6 km from the path to the end and back…so you could easily add a few km doing the piers!

Add-On: Just across the way, additional waterfront running along the boardwalk of the Western Harbor, Scaniaparken and Daniaparken. Also, our other central routes are adjacent.



  • 6.6 km (4.1 miles) out and back, plus numerous piers for adding on
  • Flat
  • Eastern end is near downtown at the Malmö Wake Park sports complex
  • Centrally located. Bus #2 goes here.