Malmö, Sweden

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Malmö and Vicinity

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Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. It’s a pretty and compact city of 300,000 that has been transformed by the Öresund Bridge, provides auto and rail links to Copenhagen in less than an hour. The historical center is compact, featuring the Malmö Castle area, numerous parks and gardens, some lovely architecture, and numerous paths around marinas and along canals. Running in Malmö is a pleasure, as there’s lots of variety in a small geography. Nearly all routes will involve a few km along some waterfront path!

The best places to run in Malmö are near the historic center. Our ‘Runseeing‘ and ‘Three Parks‘ routes provide an excellent overview of the historic center, central parks and gardens, the castle area, and the Western Harbor. The paths along Ribersborg Beach are another highlight. Other recommended routes include the waterfront paths of the Limhamn area (great bridge views!) and an exploration of the Möllevågen neighborhood.

Malmö is an easy city to get around. There are buses, ferries, and the local Malmö S Train. The train to Copenhagen (for which we have an excellent running guide!) leaves every 20 minutes. Note that Malmö weather is milder and less rainy than many other Scandinavian destinations. Also note that one cannot walk (or run) across the Öresund Bridge.

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Möllevången Neighborhood

Malmö, Sweden

This interesting and diverse neighborhood, also known as Möllan, is fun to experience via running. Use the pretty Folkets Park as an anchor, explore some of the neighborhood's streets, and perhaps include Pildammsparken, just to the west.


Malmö, Sweden

Popular park about 9 km southeast of the center of Malmö. Numerous paths and open fields make for a pleasant run. One can put together a nearly 5 km loop. There are even some small hills -- a rarity in Malmö!

Malmö has a mild climate, with warmer temperatures and less rain than its latitude and location would suggest. The biggest weather factor for runners in Malmö is daylight — the wonderfully long days of summer, and the short days of winter. Helpful to bring lights or reflective gear in the winter season. As for temperatures, summers are pleasant, with highs averaging 22-23C (low-mid 70s), with cool nights (a layer sometimes needed!). Winters are cool, dark, an overcast – average highs and lows hover just a bit above and below the freezing mark. Persistent snow is rare. The 670mm (26 inches) of rain is spread fairly evenly throughout the year.

There’s a good collection of hotels located in the center of Malmö, which would put you in proximity to several of our favorite running routes in the city. If you want a great run in Malmö right out your door, we suggest staying in a centrally located hotel, near one of our waterfront or park routes.


There are a couple of good, independent running shops in Malmö.

Runners’ Store is centrally located and has a good selection.

Löplabbet is Sweden’s largest running store chain and has a location in Malmö.

There are also outlets of Sketchers, and the Stadium brand of stores, which sell running gear.




Here’s a good calendar of road races in Malmö.