Malmö, Sweden

Three Parks and Center Tour

This 7k+ loop is a great way to get an introduction to Malmö via an easy and green run, featuring the nicely appointed Kungsparken, Pildammsparken, and numerous smaller parks. Use our map as a guide rather than a specific route.

Pildammsparken. Wikimedia Commons

A good place to start is near the Malmö Castle, which sits at the edge of . Do a loop of the castle grounds and the Slottsträdgården, making your way over to Kungsparken, which is a small, English-style park with a pretty pond. Do the short tour of this park, then head west on the pedestrian path, connecting with the nondescript Gustaf Rydbergsgatan for ~1 km, over to the small but cute Rönneholmsparken. Head back east on one of the small streets, do to a loop of the larger Pildammsparken, which features lovely green spaces, water, paths, and picnic areas. A tour of this park is ~1 km, although there are color-coded paths with loops of various distances.  For the return, you can run through the parks or along the wide Pildammsvägen, passing by St. John’s Church, Malmö opera, several small parks, and a shopping area.

Add-Ons: Add a fourth park to your tour, Folkets Park, which is 1 km east of Pildammsparken.   You can also explore some of the streets of historic Malmö on your own, or head down to Ribersborg and run along the water.

  • 7 km (4.4 mile) loop
  • Flat
  • Malmö Castle area
  • Centrally located. There are buses in the area and the main train station is ~1 km east