Malmö, Sweden

Limhamn – Waterfront and Bridge Views

Wikimedia Commons

This run is a fun exploration of the Limhamn area of southern Malmö, the waterfront/marina area just west of the Ribersborgsstranden. It’s mainly a series of quiet roads and paths around marinas and out onto piers, with great views of the water, the Øresund Bridge, and some swank condos/small apartment buildings.  We’ve mapped a route that starts at the western end of our Ribersborgsstranden run, which makes for an 11 km out and back, but there are numerous opportunities to vary/shorten/improvise.

Start on Ribersborgsstigen near the intersection with Vaktgatan, and run the paths through the park down to Pier (Brygga) 10. Here, you’ll do a quick loop around the boat club and then a loop around the little island of Ön. The next section is around the Limhamns marina and boat club, along the Vågbrytarvägen and Bryggövägen piers. This is a good point to turn around and run back to the start, through Strandparken, retracing your steps around the marina or making more of a beeline along the road.

Add-Ons/Longer Run: Good opportunities for a longer run here. Just west of the Bryggövägen pier, continue exploring the Limhamn area, where there are paths and mountain bike trails around a fairly open area, leading to various viewpoints of the water and bridge. Just east of the start of our run is the route along the Ribersborgsstranden (Ribersborg beach).



  • 11 km (7 miles), with numerous add-on and variation options
  • Flat
  • Ribersborgsstigen near the intersection with Vaktgatan (archery range)
  • #7 Bus runs from Malmö along Limhamnsvägen to this area