Malmö, Sweden

Möllevången Neighborhood

Flickr: Dafydd Vaughan
The Möllevången neighborhood, also known as Möllan, is a fun neighborhood to explore via running. This ethnically diverse neighborhood has some fun streets featuring great shops, restaurants, and bars. Folkets Park is the anchor of the neighborhood, and features paths and fields that can make for a ~1 km loop. The neighborhood itself is a combination of some older, drabber buildings and some newer, hipster spots.

We suggest creating your own route in this area, starting in Folkets Park. You can also incorporate the larger Pildammsparken just to the west.

  • Create your own route. Folkets Park has ~1 km of paths. Pildammsparken is ~1km west of Folkets Park
  • Fairly flat
  • Folkets Park is a good anchor
  • Centrally located. Good bus access