Marrakech, Morocco

Menara Gardens


Located on the west side of Marrakech, the Menara Gardens and Pavilion were established in the 12th century B.C., and have stood the test of time as a top tourist destination. With olive groves, an artificial lake, and loads of cement and asphalt paths, the gardens are also a peaceful running destination. The park itself features about 4 km of paths, but runners travelling from the center of the city can arrive via Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid, which begins at New Gate and features a wide stone paved sidewalk.

Add-On: Runners can also cut into Oliveraie Park off Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid for variety and a longer run. All in all, a loop of Menara Gardens starting and ending at New Gate is about 7 km. For more mileage, continue northeast from New Gate (along the Medina Walls) and add on a 3 km loop around the pristine gardens of Cyber Park

  • 7 km (4.5 miles) out and back, including garden loop and section along Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid
  • 14 meters (46 feet)
  • New Gate
  • Avenue Prince Moulay Rachid/Sofitel