Martha's Vineyard, MA

Beach Road – Oak Bluffs to Edgardtown

The quintessential Martha’s Vineyard run. This is a 5-mile one-way route, along Beach Road,  between the Oak Bluffs Ferry Terminal and Upper Main Street in Edgartown. Start at either end! The route includes both scenic beach-side running as well as a chance to cool down in the shade of stretches of woodsy trees. It is best to use the bike path, which follows nearly the entire route. It is also possible to run on the beach.

This route highlights a couple of iconic spots in the summer blockbuster film Jaws. Runners will pass over the “Big Bridge”, more popularly named Jaws Bridge. Here, runners will probably see a line of people waiting to jump off of the bridge, as jumping has become somewhat of a summer rite of passage. The entire stretch of Beach Road is Joseph Sylvia State Beach, which was also the site of a memorable Jaws shark attack scene.

A bus runs between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown, so runners can do a one-way trip, or can do the full 10-mile route.





  • 5 miles one-way
  • Flat
  • Oak Bluffs Ferry Terminal or Upper Main St., Edgartown