Saint Luce Coast


The colorful seaside village of Saint Luce is a great spot for a coastal run, provided you can find your way along the paved and sandy paths dotting the shoreline here. The east end of the run starts just west of Saint Luce, off Gros Raisin Rd. Continue west for up to 3.5 km, to Anse Corps de Garde, just off the D7. The paths in front of the Pierre et Vacances Village Club are particularly nice. The full route works out to about 7 km round trip.

Note: some sections of trail are sandy, making for a bit more challenging running.

  • 7 km (4.2 miles) out and back
  • 20 meters
  • East End: just west of Saint Luce village; West end: Anse Corps de Garde, off D7
  • D7