Medellín, Colombia

Cerro El Volador Natural Park, Estadio, University

Creative Commons 4.0

Cerro El Volador Natural Park is the largest green space in Medellín, and one of the city’s guardian hills. It’s a terrific place for a verdant, hilly run. There are roads with decent sidewalks/shoulders, leading for nearly 1.5 km to the summit, which features great views. A run to the summit and around the perimeter of the park is ~5 km.  There are also three rugged interior trails that are popular for hiking and trail running: El Indio, La Espiral del Tiempo y La Cima.

Longer Run/Metro Access: From the Estadio Metro station, take Blvr. Libertadores De América for ~1 km to the park. It’s a wide boulevard with a cycle path. Also, there’s at the Stadio complex near the metro station, there are numerous athletic facilities, some paths, and a running track. And just east of the Cerro El Volador is the National University of Colombia at Medellín, which has some nice paths as well for running.

  • 5.2 km (3.2 miles), with good add-on options
  • 172m (566 feet)
  • In park, or at Estadio Metro Station (1 km to park)
  • Estadio Metro Station is 1 km from park on a runnable road