Medellín, Colombia

Poblado Linear Park Run

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This is a run in the upscale El Poblado neighborhood, incorporating several small parks and runnable streets. El Poblado is known for its cafes, boutiques, and high-end restaurants amid tall apartment blocks and hotels. Our route starts at the Poblado metro station. Use C.46 to access Parque de la Bailarina, a small park with dense vegetation and a path leading to a small church with great city views. Continue east, away from the river, using C.8 or C.9 to Parque de El Poblado, which functions as sort of a central square. Then head briefly south to Presidenta Park, the largest of the parks in the area, and enjoy the nice trails to Quebrada La Presidenta Park. For the return, loop back through Parque Lleras, and then C.9, retracing your steps back to the start.


  • 4.1 km (2.6 miles)
  • 75m (246 feet)
  • Poblado Metro Stop